Selecting textures from the gallery

In this tutorial, we'll look at how to select textures from the gallery on your device.

Step 1: Select the desired item (in this example, the backsplash) [1].


Step 2: Next, click on the edit icon [2].




Step 3: Next, from the menu, choose the "Base Color" item [3].


Step 4: Click on the texture selection icon [4].


Step 5: From the list we choose the "Photos & Images" item [5].


Step 6: Click on the "CHOOSE IMAGE" button. [6].


Step 7: From the list, choose the desired photo/texture [7].


The texture we selected from the gallery is applied to the selected item.

Step 8: Click the icon to zoom [8].

Step 9: Select the appropriate scale [9][10].



Similarly, you can apply a texture from the gallery to modules, walls, floors and so on.