Module motion lock

The application provides the ability to lock and unlock the movement of any module. In this lesson, let's consider the details of this feature.

By default, the locking of all modules is disabled. We can move any module in any direction. If you need to lock a module's position, you need to take the following actions:

Step 1: Choose a module already installed in the room that you want to lock [1] and click on the left editing icon [2].



Step 2: In the opening window of the module parameters on the right, find the "Position" parameter and click on the open lock icon [3]. After clicking the closed lock icon [4] appears and the module is locked. After blocking, you can not move this module.


Clicking the lock icon again will unlock the module.

Step 3: The application provides the ability to lock/unlock the module rotation when the position is unlocked.

To lock module rotation, click the open lock icon in the "Rotate" line [5].

After this action, the module can be moved freely, but will not rotate. To unlock, click on the closed lock icon [6].