Editing kitchen walls and floor

Today we will consider how quickly, without any difficulty to adjust the size and color scheme of the room in the application "My Kitchen: 3D Planner". For this you will need: 

Step 1: Run the application "My Kitchen: 3D Planner" on your device

Step 2: Editing room parameters.

On the main toolbar, click "Room".



In the "Room" section that appears on the screen, edit the default values of the room to the height, width and length, suitable for your room (the units of measurement set in the application settings, which are in the main menu of the application, are set by default: millimeters)

Step 3: Change the color of the kitchen walls and floor

Go down below under "Room" and click on "Floor Color" or "Wall Color".



In this subsection, you can select your favorite samples from the list below, or you can change the samples section by clicking on the expansion menu.


After selecting a suitable sample, click on it.


Similarly, a sample for walls is selected in the "Wall Color" subsection



Painting kitchen walls in different colors