Adding objects

In this lesson, let's look at how to add kitchen objects in the designer's "My Kitchen: 3D Planner". For this you will need: 

Step 1: Run "My Kitchen: 3D Planner" on your device.


Step 2: Menu of objects to be added

To go to the menu of added objects, in the application "My Kitchen: 3D Planner", click on the icon "Add".



In the "Add" menu that appears on the screen, which consists of several sections corresponding to certain parameters of the object to be added, it is necessary to choose one of the sections that should be added, whether it is the kitchen appliances, which are in the "Appliances" section, or it will be the wall kitchen drawers, which are in the "Wall cabinet" section.

Step 3. Select and add the object

Go from the "Add" menu to the necessary section by clicking on its name:

Select a sample from the presented examples

and click on it:


after clicking on the sample, the section from the "Add" menu will be closed, and the selected sample will appear in the center of the room of the application "My Kitchen: 3D Planner". After that you will need to click on the object and not letting go to move the sample to the desired location for you.


 It is also possible to immediately move the sample from the "Add" menu item, you should click on the selected sample, and immediately move it to the desired location from the menu.